FGBC Common Commitment

Leadership Development

Engaging a life-long process that seeks the development of character, knowledge, and skills according to giftedness.

Association of Grace Brethren Ministers

Encourages, supports, and strengthens men in the ministry by assisting with issues, serving as a conduit for communication, promoting fellowship, providing help, and recruiting new pastors.
agbm.org agbm@fgbc.org

CE National

Offers ministry training, experiences, and resources for all ages and impacts the Church by serving as a catalyst for biblically accurate and culturally relevant ministries.
cenational.org • (574) 267-6622

Grace College and Theological Seminary

Provides an evangelical Christian community of higher education which applies biblical values in strengthening character, sharpening competence, and preparing for service.
grace.edu • (800) 544-7223

Grace Brethren Boys

Reaches boys for Christ, instills godly character through discipleship, and molds them into Godly leaders in their family, their church and their community while encouraging men in their discipleship responsibilities.
gbbnational.com • (330) 464-8185

Women of Grace USA, SMM, and Girls of Faith

Challenges women and girls to be radically in love with Christ and actively engaged in His mission to reach the world.