FGBC Common Commitment

Leadership Development

Engaging a life-long process that seeks the development of character, knowledge, and skills according to giftedness.

Association of Grace Brethren Ministers


the FGBC national ministerium

Camp Clear Lake


Our camp provides a mountain setting where Biblical truths may be shared to build up Christians and introduce non-believers to the Lord.

Camp Conquest


A camp in Eastern Pennsylvania sponsored by the Northern Atlantic Fellowship.

Camp Mantowagan


Assisting the evangelism and discipleship of western and central Pennsylvania evangelical churches and para-church ministries, especially the Grace Brethren.

Camp Tuk-A-Way


Located on 65 acres in the heart of the Blue Ridge Montains

CE National


CE National's purpose is to be a catalyst for all believers to be trained and mobilized to be "on mission." This is done by : Impacting the Rising Generation, Reaching Neglected People, and Equipping Biblical Leadership.

Grace Brethren Boys


God Builds Boys

Grace College and Seminary


Grace is committed to the classical and defining doctrines of historic Christianity and affirms the inerrancy of Scripture and the moral, spiritual, and historical authority of the Bible.

Great Commission Bible Institute


GCBI is a one-year Bible institute that exists for the purpose of producing people of Godly character who are Biblically grounded and effective in practical Christian ministry. Effectiveness in Christian service is measured by the influence that is exerted in the lives of others to lead them to Christ and to shepherd them towards spiritual maturity.

Operation Barnabas


Operation Barnabas teams are developed to give growing Christian senior high youth such a thirst for ministry, that upon their return, they will have a greater desire to serve Christ in their lives.

Women of Grace - USA


Discipling Women